Purpose and Desire

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Purpose and Desire is my third book, which develops the theme of how physiology informs evolution. This book is a logical outgrowth of my first two, but in this one, I develop a radical thesis: that evolution is not driven by blind natural selection of favored genotypes, but by the profoundly intentional phenomena of homeostasis and adaptation.

Purpose and Desire is a play on the title of Jacques Monod's influential book Chance and Necessity. Monod's argument is that life is best understood as mechanism, purged of vitalist thought. I argue in Purpose and Desire that Monod had it exactly backwards.

Purpose and Desire is available as a hardcover book, and an e-book, published by HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. It is also available as an audio book, narrated by Greg Tremblay.

This is my first venture into commercial publishing. I am represented by Roger Freet of Foundry Literary + Media.


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