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Media appearances

Janet Mefferd Today American Family Network
      (4 September 2017)

Leigh Martinuzzi The Hidden Why Guy podcast.
      (6 September 2017)

The Dennis Prager Show Ultimate Issues Hour.
      Salem Radio Network
      (12 September 2017)

Michele Mendoza Live from Seattle (Tech Tuesday)
      (12 September 2017: from 10:00-34:00)

Perry Marshall. Evolution 2.0. Purpose and Desire: How Darwinists Suck the True Power of Biology. 
         (15 October 2017

The Eric Metaxas Show (Salem Radio Network)
      (23 October 2017: Hour 2)

Think with Krys Boyd (KERA, Dallas, NPR)
      (26 October 2017: Hour 1)

Al Kresta in the Afternoon (Ave Maria Radio)
      (9 January 2018: Hour 1)

Provocative Enlightenment with Eldon Taylor
      (5 February 2018)

Rob Crowther, ID the Future podcast. Scott Turner on Purpose and Nature. Part 1.
      (12 March 2018)

Rob Crowther, ID the Future podcast. Scott Turner on Purpose and Nature. Part 2.
      (21 March 2018)

In the Market with Janet Parshall (with Stephen Meyer). Moody Radio (24 May 2018)



Kirkus Reviews (starred)
"An unsettling but highly thought-provoking book."

New York Times Book Review
Survival of the Prettiest (18 September 2017)

"A friendly takeover attempt ... which argues that today’s mechanistic neo-Darwinism needs to find room for the “agency” — the desire — that Turner insists drives every organism and, by extension, evolution itself ... it’s a good read and a strong pitch."

Evolution News & Science Today
In Purpose and Desire ... Scott Turner Explores Biology's Second Law.

“It’s what distinguishes the living from the inanimate world…homeostasis is an exceedingly strange idea.” And it’s homeostasis that his book is about."

Cosmic Evolution 2.0

"Purpose & Desire ... is yet another in a line of PRO-evolution books by highly credible, mainstream biologists who are stepping forward and insisting that The Emperor really does have No Clothes."

Mercatornet. Denise O'Leary. A biologist awakes from reductionism and begins to rediscover life.

The basic problem, he contends, is that current biology requires us to view life forms as machines. Yet a key characteristic of life forms is the intention of remaining alive and purposeful activity toward that end.

Zocalo. An ASU knowledge enterprise. Ten Illuminating Books for Confusing Times.

Turner argues that what distinguishes life is striving, and that adaptive striving is one of the drivers of evolution. In putting forth his ideas about evolution, he also makes a compelling argument about the relationship between culture and science—and the danger in pretending that science exists in a vacuum.

Quarterly Review of Biology.Addy Pross.

J Scott Turner's provocatively titled book, Purpose & Desire is a further reminder that biology's very nature remains mired in controversy and uncertainty.

Evolution News & Science Today. David Klinghoffer. Biologist Scott Turner: What is Life? And Other Simple Questions.

There appears to be, to put it in even more startling terms, some sort of cognition everywhere in life, an awareness of the environment and how it must be delicately, expertly manipulated.