Biology's Second Law

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The original title of my book, Purpose and Desire, was Biology's Second Law. Biology's First Law is Darwinian natural selection. Biology's Second Law I envisioned to be homeostasis, a badly misunderstood and widely trivialized term, that today we regard as regulatory mechanism. Homeostasis was the brainchild of Charles Darwin's French contemporary, the great physiologist Claude Bernard. Bernard did not think of homeostasis as mechanism, but as something far more radical: a fundamental property of life.

A proper understanding of homeostasis links us in numerous and fascinating ways to the pre-Darwinian evolutionists, Lamarck and Cuvier,which in turn leads to a radical reassessment of the core assumptions of modern Darwinism. In Purpose and Desire, these ideas ended up dominating the book.

Here is a series of videos that will be updated from time to time that explore these ideas.