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Turner, J. S. Does the white ant have a soul? Earthwatch March-April 1996, 34-41 (1996).

Turner, J. S. Termites and other natural teachers. Chronicle of Higher Education 3 November 2000, B24 (2000).

Turner, J. S. My publishing adventure. Inside ESF Summer 2001, 3 (2001).

Turner, J. S. A superorganism's fuzzy boundary. Natural History 111, 62-67 (2002).

Turner, J. S. The termites' dilemma. Earthwatch Journal October 2002, 3 (2002).

Turner, J. S. Saving Darwinism from itself. The World & I 17, 136-145 (2002).

Turner, J. S. What are the termite mounds pointing at? Roan News 2005, 25-27 (2005).

Turner, J. S. Signs of design. The Christian Century 124, 18-22 (2007).

Turner, J. S. (2007). Why can't we talk about intelligent design? . The Chronicle of Higher Education. LIII: B20.

Turner, J. S. Science by Committee? in Focus on Microbiology Education    (2007).

Turner, J. S. Dirt lungs. Natural History 19, 248 (2010).

Turner, J. S. People, Interview with Scott Turner. Zygote Quarterly 8, 60-71 (2014).




Here are a few of my popular articles, many of which were generated by invited commentaries on the intelligent design controversies of the mid-2000s. I had written a book, The Tinkerer's Accomplice, about biological design, that came out in 2007, and for some reason people wanted my opinion.

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